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Which mobile phone is best for me?

Are you looking at the new iPhone? These premium devices can offer advanced photography, video quality and editing features. However, there are other features to think about when choosing a new smartphone.


Depending on your amount of screen time you use (thanks for the daily reminder Apple) and what you’re using your phone for like video streaming you may need a mobile phone that boasts longer battery life to get you through the day.


Getting the right amount of storage is important, especially if you want your photos, music, and video in one place. Depending on which model and manufacturer phone storage can vary from 64GB to 256GB.


If you want your handset to fit comfortably in one hand, opt for a 5”-5.5” screen but if you’re looking to watch stream video or play games consider a larger screen and go up to 6.1”.

What do tariffs include?

There are many elements to a tariff, from inclusive minutes, texts to data allowance.

Inclusive minutes

Every tariff should offer a deal on inclusive minutes, the amount is usually dependent on how much you pay each month. If you spend hours nattering to your Nan, then compare the best mobile phone deal at Trufl.

Inclusive texts

Much like inclusive minutes, most mobile phone tariffs will offer a set number of inclusive texts.

Data Allowance

If you’re streaming videos, listening to music or using certain apps on your phone you’re using data. If you are someone who likes to make the most of the advanced technology available on your phone, you should make sure your mobile phone tariff includes a high data bundle.

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