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Understanding smart phone jargon 

Written by Ashley Rudd , 17th February 2021

With the latest smartphones launched each year, it can be hard to steer through the muddy waters of smartphone terminology. Here at Trufl, we’ve pulled together this handy smartphone to help you make sense of everything.


Slowly rolled out in the next few years, the fifth generation of wireless connectivity will enable 5G compatible phones to connect to the internet faster than ever before.



An operating system developed by Google that powers smartphones manufactured by the likes of Samsung, HTC and Sony.



A computer program or software application designed to run on a mobile device like a phone, tablet, or watch. There are many apps out there for many different uses like calendars, games, and GPS. Apps are usually downloaded from application platforms which are operated by the owner of the mobile operating system, like App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store.



Auto-focus is a feature of camera phones that automatically focuses the content in your photo without any input required from the photographer.



Bluetooth is a technology that creates a 'local' wireless connection. It allows smartphone-owners to exchange data over short distances with other smartphones, wireless speakers and Bluetooth-connectivity in cars.


Camera phone

This is a mobile phone with a built-in camera so you can take pictures and record videos.


Dual lens

A dual-lens camera uses two lenses rather than one to take more detailed photos. These are commonly found on the new generation of iPhone.


Face recognition system

A method of identifying or verifying an individual through the images of their face.


Instant messaging

This term refers to services that let you chat with your friends with text messages in real-time like WhatsApp.


Operating system

An operating system is a software that powers smartphones, as well as other tablets and PCs. As well as managing your phone's resources so you can do lots of things at once, an operating system is a platform on which your phone runs apps.


Refurbished phone

A refurbished phone is a handset that has been previously owned and returned to the seller because of some manufacturing and functioning defect. The phone is usually repaired, undergoing full quality checks with best industry standards, and sold again.



When travelling and using your phone in another country on their local network. Your network supplier will let you know which countries you can roam around freely and what charges you may receive.


SIM-only deals

A SIM-only deal or SIM-only contract is that solely includes a SIM card and an amount of monthly usage. These types of mobile phone contracts are popular with money-saving customers who are not looking to buy a new handset.



Siri is a virtual assistant that is part of Apple’s operating systems. This is a way of using your mobile with your voice. You speak a command and, assuming it understands, your smartphone will carry out the instruction. Voice commands are especially handy when you're driving or in situations where your hands are in use elsewhere.



High-end handsets that carry out a whole range of functions. More than just phones, smartphones can surf the web, send and receive emails, record video, take pictures and be used for video games and viewing movies and much, much more.


Streaming video and music

Enjoying video and music over the Wi-Fi or using data, without having to download the content. Examples of streaming services include Netflix, NOWTV, Apple Music and Spotify.


USB cable

USB cables are used to connect smartphones to PCs and laptops and for charging your phone from the mains with a plug attachment or directly from your computer.



A service provided by your mobile phone network, which allows callers to leave an audio message when you are unable to answer their call.

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