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Car dealerships can charge up to 278% more for Gap Insurance than independent insurers*

What you might not know is that car insurance only covers the value of your car at the time of an accident or theft. This is likely to be a lot less than you paid for your vehicle, especially as cars quickly depreciate in value.

* Research conducted by Which? September 2019

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Gap Insurance worth having?

In the event of theft or having your vehicle written off, Gap Insurance means you’ll be covered for the original cost of your car, rather than the current value. This means you can replace your car with a similar model. So, Gap insurance is definitely a smart option.

What are the main types of Gap policies?

There are several types, but three main areas. Return to Invoice Gap Insurance covers the difference between what you paid, and the current value of your car. Vehicle Replacement Gap Insurance could cover the cost of a 'like for like' vehicle. If you pay for your car on finance, Finance Gap Insurance could repay the outstanding amount on your loan.

What isn't covered by Gap Insurance?

You won’t be covered by Gap Insurance unless your car is declared a total write off by your insurer. It’s important to check your policy documents, but common exclusions include any modifications made to the vehicle after purchase.