Frequently asked questions

Here's all our faqs, if we haven't answered something you're curious about, don't be shy, get in touch with us here.


How will Trufl make sure I get the best deal?

We’re like a 70s cop duo on a stakeout. Except we hunt down better energy, broadband and mobile deals, not bad guys with moustaches. We’ll always get you value for money on your deal either with your existing supplier or via a switch.

Which energy, broadband and mobile suppliers do you work with?

We have a broad panel of energy supplies which includes the UK's six largest power suppliers. No porkies. All our energy, broadband and mobile deals are impartial, and we will highlight the best deal for your needs no matter who they are.


Why should I use an energy comparison site?

In all honesty it’s too much hassle to trawl the market and stay ahead. Our new breed of energy switchers think they’ve fixed this - guaranteeing low prices and great energy deals without the hassle of searching and switching yourself.

How does Trufl choose which suppliers to switch me to?

We take time to understand your needs, usage and budget before hunting you down the best deal on the market, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

How long will my energy switch take?

It normally takes up to 21 days for your switch to be processed, but Trufl can set everything up for you in minutes.

How will I know I have switched?

With Trufl, you are always in control. You’ll get an email before we are preparing to switch you with your new supplier details. We’ll also speak to your old and new supplier to arrange the switch.

Do I need to tell my current supplier?

No. When you’ve chosen a new deal, your new supplier will handle the switching process – this includes contacting your previous energy supplier.


How do I choose which broadband deal is best for me?

We take time to understand how you will connect to the internet, the right connection speed and contract length before hunting you down the best broadband deal on the market, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

Can I switch broadband at any time?

You can switch your broadband contract whenever you like. However, if the contract you’re in has a minimum term and you’re still within that period you might be charged with an exit fee.

What broadband speed do I need?

It’s important to consider broadband speed when choosing the right broadband deal for you. This can depend on what you use the internet for such as playing games online, browsing, checking emails or using streaming services such as Netflix and NOWTV. Broadband speed can also depend on where you live

What broadband provider should you choose?

There’s an enormous amount of choice from providers such as Sky, Vodafone, EE, BT and Virgin Media. When looking for a provider, you’ll want to think about how you connect to the internet, what you se the internet for and how important broadband speed is to you to find the best broadband provider for you.


How do I pick the right pay monthly contract?

This can depend on how you will use the phone, it will give you better understanding for example you may need more minutes if you make frequent phone calls or more data if you watch videos online. Compare all contract mobile phone deals at Trufl now.

How long do pay monthly contracts last?

Generally mobile phone contracts last 12 or 14 months, but certain mobile providers now offer 16 months. Compare all contract mobile phone deals at Trufl now.

How to get a cheaper mobile phone deal?

Calculate how much data, minutes, and texts you use – you can create custom plans on what you do and don’t use. When taking out a new mobile phone contract some providers also offer an incentive to trade in your old handset.

What’s the difference between a contract phone and SIM-only plan?

A monthly contract has a fixed fee, depending on any extras you might add on during the month, with a calls, texts, and data allowance. You will be tied in with that mobile provider depending on the length of your contract. A sim-only deal is simply a sim card for your handset, these are typically either a one-month rolling contract or a 12-month contract.


What is The Trufl Newsletter?

When hunting down the best energy, mobile and broadband for our customers we’ve picked up a few tips and tricks. The Trufl Newsletter is Trufl’s round-up of money-saving tips and guides sent directly to our community’s inbox.

How will I know when I have subscribed?

In line with GDPR best practice, Trufl operates a ‘double opt-in’ mailing list. After you put in your details and click ‘subscribe’, you’ll receive an email asking you to confirm you want to join the mailing list. It’s important that you confirm, otherwise you won’t get our emails! Check your junk mail folder if you don’t see the confirmation email.

How do I unsubscribe from receiving emails from The Trufl Newsletter?

We’re sorry you might feel disgruntled. If you decided to leave The Trufl Newsletter it’s easy to do, just hit unsubscribe at the bottom of the email. We’d love to hear your feedback on why you’re leaving so we can improve on our customer experience.

I can’t see ‘The Trufl Newsletter’ in my inbox

The world of email can be confusing so it’s always worth checking your spam/junk folder. If The Trufl Newsletter is stuck in the mud, then be sure to add us to your “safe senders list” so you don’t miss out on money-saving tips and deals again.

Is this a paid-for service?

No, we aren’t here to roast you! Our advice is free and we only want to help you sniff out the best deals around.

Will my data be sold?

No, we won’t sell your data or put adverts on our site.