Switching could save your household up to £305*

Do you find it too much hassle to find a good deal in the murky world of the energy market?

Compare the best gas & electricity deals in one search with Trufl.

* https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/savings-energy-bills-millions-price-caps-fall

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We dig deeper.

We're the new breed of energy switchers.

Trufl are going to do the hunting for you to make sure you get the perfect deal without the hassle of searching and switching.

We have a broad panel of energy suppliers which includes the UK's big six energy suppliers: British Gas, E.ON UK, Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE), RWE npower, EDF Energy and Scottish Power. All our deals are impartial, and we will highlight the best savings for your gas and electricity bills no matter who they are.

How to switch energy with Trufl.


Enter a few details to start your energy comparison in minutes.


We hunt around the energy market to find you the best deal.


Leave your switch to the supplier, sit back and enjoy your savings.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use an energy comparison site?

In all honesty it’s too much hassle to trawl the market and stay ahead. Our new breed of energy switchers think they’ve fixed this - guaranteeing low prices and great energy deals without the hassle of searching and switching yourself.

How does Trufl choose which suppliers to switch me to?

We take time to understand your needs, usage and budget before hunting you down the best deal on the market, so you don’t have to lift a finger.

How long will my energy switch take?

It normally takes up to 21 days for your switch to be processed, but Trufl can set everything up for you in minutes.

How will I know I have switched?

With Trufl, you are always in control. You’ll get an email before we are preparing to switch you with your new supplier details. We’ll also speak to your old and new supplier to arrange the switch.

Do I need to tell my current supplier?

No. When you’ve chosen a new deal, your new supplier will handle the switching process – this includes contacting your previous energy supplier.