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Car problems can be a pain to pay for as well as a huge inconvenience.

Find the best Car Warranty cover for new and used cars with one search from Trufl.

The top 3 most common car problems:

1. Gearbox

2. Electrical faults

3. Clutch*

Car Warranty Insurance covers your car from potential problems due to mechanical breakdowns or electrical faults, including the top three trouble-shooters.

Simply chose the level of cover you’d like, and Trufl will find the best prices to keep you ready for the road.

*Research conducted by Auto Express, August 2016.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Car Warranty Insurance cover?

From mechanical breakdown to more comprehensive cover, there’s various Car Warranty options available, with most covering the cost of labour and parts, including:

  • Engine & Fuel Systems
  • Gearbox & Clutch
  • Brakes
  • Ignition System & Steering
  • Suspension

Do I need Car Warranty Insurance on a new car?

Your new car is likely to offer free warranty from the manufacturer for around three years, or up to a certain mileage limit, with the option to extend. To get the best deal after any free cover runs out, make sure you shop around to find the best deal.

Is Extended Car Warranty worth it?

After your original warranty runs out, some new cars offer Extended Warranty.It’s important to consider how long you’re thinking of keeping the car, and if you’ll be expected to pay the excess towards parts and labour if something goes wrong. Don’t miss out on cheaper options from an independent warranty supplier.

What if I’m buying a used car?

Used cars may still be covered by the original manufacturer warranty depending on the age of the vehicle and mileage, so you need to find out how long any existing cover will last.

If you’re offered Car Warranty Insurance by a used car dealership, rather than direct from the manufacturer, it’s time to shop around to make sure it’s not a more expensive option.

Dealership warranties differ, but may only cover a 12-month period and require you to have the car serviced at the same dealership to remain valid. There may also be a limit on how much you can claim, and your cover might not start immediately. Again, find the best price for the type of cover you need by shopping around.