A rattan desk from La Redoute

Working from home? 15 home office ideas to create your ideal workspace.

Functional and inviting desk space can improve productivity, help to maintain boundaries and support your schedule, all of which are especially important when working from home. Combining style, practicality and comfort, take a look at office essentials designed to make home working work for you.

 1. Corner Office

A 1950s-style rattan desk

Noya Vintage Desk. La Redoute, £425.

Featuring rattan partitions, escape into your work and avoid distraction, with drawer space and tapered legs, this 1950s-inspired solid oak, walnut-stained desk, creates a welcoming workspace with vintage charm.

2. The Classic

A brown leather office chair.

Industrial Chair. Cox & Cox, £325.

A statement chair can add character to the most functional home office space. This tan, faux-leather design features padded armrests and cushioned seat with a Deco-inspired metal frame.

3. Bright Ideas

A vintage writing desk from Made.com

Bourbon Vintage Desk. Made.com, £349.

Introduce colour to your working day with a distinct piece to keep things interesting. Inspired by French neoclassical design, this elegant desk features panelling, engraved corner motif, and four, copper-handled drawers, in a choice of three finishes, including slate blue and light grey.

4. Deluxe Desk Space

A velvet office chair

Perce Velvet Chair. Cherry Tree Furniture, £125.99.

Who says your home office can’t be sumptuous? Forget the days of ergonomic seats and create a far more sophisticated scene, with this plush, padded, velvet chair. Set on castors with a swivel base, and also available in navy, grey and pink.

5. Simply Skandi

A grey writing desk from Cox & Cox.

Lotte Desk. Cox & Cox, £375.

Keep your office light and airy, with this pine, wash-painted design, featuring raised storage area and two drawers, the Lotte Desk offers a contemporary take on the traditional writing desk.

6. Lightbulb Moment

A metal desk lamp from La Redoute.

Darja Perforated Metal Desk Lamp. La Redoute, £130.

Studies have shown natural light does nothing but wonderful things for our general wellbeing, so try to let in as much as possible to avoid workday slump. Similarly, working in screen-lit or dimly-lit spaces can lead to fatigue, headaches and affect vision, so invest in a desk lamp, like this striking design with perforated, posable shade, and metal brass finish, able to provide targeted light across work areas.

7. Casual Worker

A laptop tray

Laptop Tray. Huanuo, £21.24.

Short on space? If so, get to work with a laptop tray, featuring built-in phone and tablet holder, with ergonomic rests and the convenience portable desk space wherever you choose to work. What more do you need?

8. Clear Thinking

Desktop organiser from Oliver Bonas.

Maka Glass Desk Organiser, £34.50. Maka Glass Multi Pen Pot, £24.50. Oliver Bonas.

Like you need an excuse to accessorise? The Maka range brings instant organisation to your desk space, brightening up the busiest corners.

9. Hot Seat

A button-backed office chair from Made.com.

Upton Office Chair. Made.com, £149.

Find classic style with an emphasis on comfort, with this button-backed, padded seat in mountain grey, designed to take the weight off any day in the office. Also available in pink.

10. Perfect Symmetry

A minimalist desk from Cuckooland.

Julian Bowen Palmer Desk. Cuckooland, £145.

Sleek, stylish and functional, the minimalist Palmer desk includes full-length shelf space, along with a built-in cable exit for a clutter-free desktop.

11. Tall Order

A floor lamp from Garden Trading

Friends of Joules Elder Floor Lamp. Garden Trading, £150.

We love this contemporary design in coloured steel and sustainable rubber wood, which saves on desk space and provides subtle back lighting or angle light at the touch of a button.

12. Go Retro

An ergonomic chair

Ergonomic Office Chair. Qulomvs, £139.99

Get to work with this retro-inspired ergonomic return to the 80s! Complete with headrest, padded arms, and breathable, pink mesh fabric, you’ll be hitting up your filofax before you know it.

13. High & Mighty

A framed desk from Oliver Bonas.

Tienda Desk Mango Wood. Oliver Bonas, £595

This unique desk is ideal for fitting in cosy, cupboard-sized office space. Crafted from stained mango wood, with a brass rail for hanging planters, separate shelving, and two drawers with fabric and ribbed glass finishes, an extendable table slides out of sight when not in use.

14. Pencilled In

Cork desktop storage from Nest.

Muuto Story Pinboard. Nest, £50

Create a cute, Skandi-inspired storage area for your desktop with this cork-board, crafted to add a personal touch to your workspace.

15. Wall Planner

A wall desk from Next.

Bronx Chevron Wall Desk. Next, £150

If you don’t have a designated room, installing a flip-down work area is great for maximising space. This rustic oak-effect design with chevron detailing, features essential built-in shelving in an eye-catching but compact, wall desk.

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Working from home? 15 home office ideas to create your ideal workspace, featured:

Noya Vintage Desk. La Redoute, £425

Industrial Style Office Chair. Cox & Cox, £325

Bourbon Vintage Desk. Made.com, £349

Perce Velvet Swivel Desk Chair. Cherry Tree Furniture, £125.99

Lotte Desk. Cox & Cox, £375

Darja Perforated Metal Desk Lamp. La Redoute, £130

Laptop Tray. Huanuo, £21.24

Maka Glass Desk Organiser, £34.50. Maka Glass Multi Pen Pot, £24.50. Oliver Bonas.

Upton Office Chair. Made.com, £149

Julian Bowen Palmer Desk. Cuckooland, £145

Friends of Joules Elder Floor Lamp. Garden Trading, £150

Ergonomic Office Chair. Qulomvs, £139.99

Muuto Story Pinboard. Nest, £50

Bronx Chevron Wall Desk. Next, £150

Tienda Desk Mango Wood. Oliver Bonas, £595